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A welcome message

Thank you for visiting the website and welcome to France if you have just arrived. There are many websites and sources of information which you can use to help you in your journey of discovering the French way. The important thing for cavaFrance is to provide a hub for networking between the expats be it for exchange of information or selling something you do not need anymore or asking for help with plumbing or building a shed or some other work.

We would like to be able to inform each other of all the good things we discover in France. For example if you know a good dentist then why not share that information with the rest of us. We only welcome positive reviews and without any negative comments or criticism. If you go to a restaurant and found the food was excellent and good value then why not tell the rest of us. However, if you found the food not to your expectation or the seats were not comfy then better not say anything about it.

Britain has voted to leave the EU 


Though by a small margin the vote clearly asks for an exit, but does that mean exit from the single market as well? the answer is clearly NO. Everyone, even the UKIP were calling on exit negotiations to ensure best possible deal for Britain in the single market.